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Covid -19 : Creb have a list of things that showing realtors are required to do with their clients. The number of potential buyers entering the home has to be strictly adhered to. We carry spare masks and gloves and can be present. So let’s start with a couple of Covid steps first
  1. Try to leave all interior doors open
  2. Wipe down all counter tops and handles, before and after any showing
  3. Hang a wreath of dried flowers to showcase the front door
  4. Have a pretty hanging basket outside the front door
  5. Place a vase of flowers a coffee table
  6. Use a colorful throw blanket to add color to the living room
  7. Put away any kitchen utensils that you are not using
  8. Set the kitchen table with silk flowers or a fruit bowl centrepiece
  9. Lay out an open cook book or cook something in the oven
  10. Make sure all beds are made with fresh linen
  11. Change out the tired towels with fresh white ones
  12. Put a small bunch of flowers on the dresser or side table
  13. Put away all personal bathrooms soaps, toothpaste etc
  14. Change out a well used shower curtain
  15. Organize the garage and make sure there is lots of light, it will seem bigger
  16. Maybe park the car or second car outside
  17. Cut the grass and weed, strim the edges and make sure there are no weeds
  18. Pop a couple of nice flowers in the garden by the pathway
  19. Set the home temperature to a comfortable level
  20. No pets or children should be in the house and ideally neither should you.
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Area Rugs are a great way of adding to your home’s visual appeal. Let us look at a few tips.

1)    Look at the area and then figure out the rug size you need.  It is best if the furniture does not touch the rug, maybe you would have two legs on it to stop it moving better.

2)     Another consideration is where people mainly walk. Try not to put you expensive delicate rug in a heavy traffic area.

3)    Wool rugs are superior to silk, synthetic and cotton rugs as far as durability is concerned. Also, there is less chance of fading because retention dye is high in wool rugs. Your wool rug will also able to handle water and stains.

4)    Remember to keep your rugs in good condition with regular vacuuming and stain cleaning. Attend to spills immediately and use soapy water for spot-cleaning.

5)    Pets can be hard on rugs, with the fur they can leave behind. A good strategy is to clear off their excess fur with a plastic glove, followed by a vacuuming.

6)    Interior designers have great tips for placing your rugs and what colors are best to use. The combination of good quality rugs and the inputs of an experienced design professional can really transform your home.

Call or email if we can help, we have some great designers that we work with who will give you good advice.

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8 Things to help You List your Calgary Home    May 2020

Considering Listing Your Calgary Home? Here are 8 things to help you.

1)    Firstly study a marketing plan with us and assess whether it is a good time to sell. You will need to consider your finances, and factor in expenses like moving costs.

2)    The second thing to do is to make sure that your property is ‘sale-ready’. May & June are good months to start, as we run into summer.

3)    Carry out the necessary improvements and any upgrades, and create a home that is free of things a potential buyer will notice. You want your home to stand up against the competition.

4)    Items left unfixed will for sure show up in a home inspection, and this can delay the sale or even cause it to fall through. So be ahead of the curve!

5)    Clear all the clutter and sell or give to Goodwill any extra furniture to free up the space and make your home look more open and spacious. Your home must be ready for “Showtime”. Don’t leave this to the last minute.

6)    It is well worth your time and effort to give your home a thorough clean, we would even suggest hiring the services of professional cleaners.

7)    We consider “Mental Prep” to be a really important step before listing your home. Becoming emotionally detached from your home is essential for a successful sale. This will help you at every step of the selling process – right from setting the right price for the property (not basing it on sentimental value). Mental preparation will also help you understand and help to formulate and execute an effective marketing campaign with our team.

8)    Before listing we can discuss home staging, we offer a complimentary one hour consultation with our stager, most times she will work with what you have, but you can discuss any finishing touches.

So arrange to meet us early in the process, that way we will discuss everything and explain our marketing plan. If this is done a few weeks before listing we will revisit the price later to see if we are still on the mark. With the right strategies and our selling your home can be a smooth process. Direct call/text : 403.850.0669 .

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Remember a condo is a type of ownership, parts of the property are owned by individual people and all the other parts known as the "common areas" are shared between those people, they are all members of the condominium corporation and are responsible for the operating of the condo.

Part of the standard contract on an offer to purchase any condo is the seller providing of the condo documents during the condition period, this will help you understand the financial position and structure of any condo you are considering, These will include details of the reserve fund study, reserve fund financial statement, minutes of corporation meetings, condominium bylaws, property management contracts, Insurance, etc., because you do not want any suprizes further down the road.  

We will help you understand these and walk you through them, and we have a link on the site to Condocheck who specialize in looking over all condo documentation.

Where does my condo fee go? during the condition period of any offer you make on a condo you will have the condo documents to look over with a Condo review company. These will give you the breakdown of everything that the condo fee is going towards, projected estimates and budgets of the condo corporation.

When the condo plan is registered at land titles office a separate title is created for each unit. Shown on this title will be the breakdown of each owners share of the common property, this takes the form of "unit factors" based in any size of complex on a total of 10,000. So this "unit factor" can be based on the units proportionate square footage or the initial market price in comparison to the rest of the building. The budget is then put together for the condo complex, and the fees are distributed according to the unit factor of each condo.

It does not matter if you are a young person taking that giant step onto the property market, an “empty nester” who’s children have flown, or want to increase your portfolio for your retirement.  Or simply change your lifestyle, free up a little cash, have some fun, get some traveling in, or indeed you could be thinking about giving your children the opportunity of owning their first home by providing their down payment. All these are good reasons to get into buying a condominium. 

Search condo's on the website by Area or Price, Apartment or Townhome and hopefully we can help you walk through the process.

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1)     Price Your Home Right! 

Your home must be priced at market value for Calgary, your community and street. This is the most important tip of all. Price it to high and your home will sit on the market and become an old listing. Buyers then become suspicious and think there is something wrong with the property. We have a responsibility as licensed Realtors to prepare you a detailed Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). This will give you the market value price range of your home, based on relevant and Comparable Active and Sold homes in your community.

2)     Choose An Experienced  Listing Realtor

Get the job done in the quickest time with the best conditions and price.  Make sure you have all the information. Let us give you the full picture based on what is happening in your community, and what you can expect. This includes price range, days on market and advice on preparing to sell.

3)     Prepare The Home to Sell  And Compete with Other Listings

Properties that sell quickly are well prepared, from de-cluttering to the cleaning. Follow our tips of getting the home ready. Make sure the outside of your Calgary home is looking good to, when buyers are thinking of particular homes, they drive-by them and image themselves in the area. They can also dismiss them without even going in!

4)     Online Marketing Can Go Two Ways 

In today’s world of Internet Home searches and with 92% of buyers looking online. The online presence has to be good. Creb provide the facility for 50 MLS photos and additional remarks. When we list Rural properties we also include Aerial Drone Photographs, to make sure the potential buyer can see the surrounding land as well. But remember, buyers today are looking at your home online alongside many others, so it has to grab them and make them look further in depth

5)     Professional Photographs & Glossy Brochures.

It goes without saying that the photographs of your home have to be first class. Gone are the days (well nearly!) when Realtors would take photos on their phone with the toilet seat up, and all the clutter around. Standards are high and you will no doubt be competing with a similar home down the road, so it has to have the best shot. That goes for brochures to! If a potential buyer has looked at a lot of homes, let them have a glossy brochure to take away so they can remember what they liked about yours.

6)     Property Repairs. 

Make sure repairs & maintenance jobs are done before the home is listed. Such as ceiling stains, loose door handles and railings, painting touch ups. As a potential buyers walks through your home, they have your “list Price” in their mind. But as they walk around they are looking at “jobs” that need doing. Most buyers don’t mind “a project” to do, but not too many! Remember that a job that needs doing is not too expensive for a seller to do, but twice as expensive when the buyer is viewing it.

7)     Negotiating with Buyers. 

When an Offer comes in ensure you look at all offers and you are reasonable and negotiate in “good faith”.  Be sensible when Home inspection comes back with issues that the seller should have sorted out. Price reduction may be necessary to close the deal if there are repair issues, such as roof repairs!

8)     Showing Your Home 

Preparing to show your home and allow us to take appointments can be stressful, but our policy is always “day before notice” especially with Rural bigger homes. So the trick is to always keep the home part ready to show, so you only have to do a quick tidy, especially if you are going to work. Curtains back – blinds open, make sure the home has lots of lights. If you are only out for the period of the showing- make sure you leave lights on in darker rooms.

9)     Make Sure your Out And Remove Pets For Showings 

Pets should be removed for all showings, maybe if you have a smaller dog, pop them in a cage in the garage. Some buyers won’t even enter a home if they know there is a dog around. . Buyers are put off property very quickly when pets are in the house. The Seller ideally should not be at home, people will discuss and stay longer if there is no one at home.

10) Make Sure There Are No Odors!  

Especially cigarette smells, pet smells, spicy food smells and basement smells. If it is not the middle of winter- open the windows and let some air in. Those Plug-in air fresheners can to ok but nothing too heavy and not too many of them.

Let the potential buyer feel relaxed and at home as they walk through your home. Call us today to work on the plan (marketing strategy) to sell your home. 403.850.0669 With low mortgage rates and everyone beginning to look at safely going back to work, things could change and prices could begin to climb. At the moment sellers are being realistic.

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  1. The first thing that you will need to look at is whether your financial condition is good enough to support buying your own Calgary home. Take a look at how stable your job is – you will have to have a steady income. It will be the first thing your lender will look at – can you pay it back!
  2. Second make sure you have enough savings for a down payment, but remember you will also need some money associated with buying, lawyers, inspectors etc. But try and make sure you have a small fallback amount in case things don’t work according to plan – try and allow 3 months income
  3. The third thing to consider is your requirements – not only your present needs but your future needs as well. Are you planning to get married, have kids, etc? You have to consider your future needs carefully. If you are planning on buying a bigger house decide to upsize.
  4. Number four is carefully look at what you can afford. Even if your lender qualifies you for a large amount it does not necessarily mean you can truly afford it. Don’t make yourself “House Poor” ownership comes with several other expenses. You may then find that you cannot afford your Dream Home and you may have to compromise in certain areas. And have money left over once you settle in for holidays etc.
  5. When you take the decision to buy a new home, you will have to get your priorities set at the start. Is the main priority proximity to work? Or is it an area close to good schools? Does it have good resale value in an area that sells consistently? There are many communities in Calgary that we can advise you on, and take a lot of the stress out of buying.
  6. Number six, you are making a long-term commitment – a commitment that may mean compromising on many things to afford your mortgage payments. While it is always a good decision to buy a new home, it is absolutely crucial to run the numbers and make sure that the timing is right as well as finding out what you can truly afford.
We can help you understand the overal picture, not just to get you into the house you want to see. Contact us for a Buyers Consultation - it is a good time to buy for many reasons and once we are back to normal - watch everything go back up!

Lets see if we are a good fit - 403.850.0669 

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Buying a home for the first time buyer in Calgary looks complex to say the least! But with our guidance and step by step approach, it doesn’t have to be. You need to know that you are in safe hands.

We can help you put together a team of professionals including ourselves, who can take you every step of the way. Real Estate Lawyer, Mortgage Broker specializing in the first time buyer, Home Inspector, Rural Septic / water inspectors if needed etc. we can suggest a number of professionals that we have worked with and trust.

It is important to figure out what you can afford, not just what the bank/lender qualify you for. You don’t want to be “House Poor”, understand your closing costs and monthly payments, property taxes and factor in upkeep costs etc. If you are planning on moving from a rental, yes it is an investment, but understand your commitment.

Firstly get your finance in place so when you go shopping with us you know what works for you. Pick the area you want to be in, logistics from work, transport if needed.

When you are ready to move on a Calgary home we will show you the comparable sold properties in that area and you will make an educated offer based on sold and active data that is relevant and that we supply you with. When everything fits, you can make an offer. The offer will go into a condition period usually 10 business days, during which time we help you arrange a home inspection, any specific inspections and a finance condition to make sure all is good with your lender. If you are not happy with the outcome of any conditions, you can pull the offer (we call it your parachute)

First step, arrange a buyers meeting with us and we will go through the steps you need to take and we will take away a lot of the stress!

Call today 403.850.0669 or email info@

Also check out our Buyers Guide process

First Time Buyers Page

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Curb appeal is more than just what your home looks like from the outside. It incorporates the whole vision from the outside, the landscaping, exterior color and driveway. Now we are in Spring and heading for summer take a look at these 4 projects that can give your home some pixie dust!!.


Neat and tidy landscaping can be as easy as mowing your lawn and watering and feeding it on a regular basis. You can also tweek it up a bit by pruning your shrubs, cutting long tree branches and planting nice bright flowers and keeping it clutter-free. Make it so people can see your home and it’s not hidden behind the greenery.


As your home ages you will be more aware of paint dinks and peeling spots and if you have siding it can warp. It's inevitable but most times it can be an easy fix.

On the first nice day grab some sandpaper and with a little elbow grease smooth over peeling paint and paint chips. Once this is accomplished, apply primer and paint and beautify the exterior.

Roofs and Gutters

Unless they actually leak, roofs and gutters are easy to overlook, remember that you get good curb appeal by attention to detail.

Water can find it’s way into all sorts of places outside your home, such as cracks and gaps and in winter these can freeze and expand. Next thing the water gets into the basement or other parts of the house, then you DO have a problem.

It might be worth your time and money get a roofing expert take a look and give you some directions on repairs and improvements you can make, maybe a family member can suggest one they used.


A fence does more than just protect your lawn from the neighbor's dog. It can impact your home's curb appeal as much as your landscaping or exterior color scheme.

Unless you plan to replace or remove your entire fence, doing some simple stuff, like adding a fresh coat of paint or blasting it clean with a pressure washer, can give you great results in a short period of time.

Garage Doors

Changing a garage door can transform your home especially if it is an older one. They are not TOO expensive and maybe the motor is fine and you just need the actual door, they have the ones with the windows along to top and they can make a big difference to any curb appeal.

Finally, stand back and take a moment to look at your home from the curb. Go outside and try to look at it as a buyer would. This will answer your own questions and give you at least some of the obvious places to start your spring projects. Don’t buy in as a seller to “ well they (the buyer) can fix that) Think of this : A sellers fix could be a $500 job, but to a buyer it’s a $1000 job. So a little time, effort and money can save you some big time in the long run.

We can help ! Not with the jobs but with advice lol

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Thoughts on a buyers market 

The buyer’s market in Calgary refers to the point in the market where sales have been low inventory is still fairly low, but maybe sales by the end of summer will be on the way back up. You need to consider moving forward to purchase whilst sellers are still more realistic with their list price.

As a seller, you do not need to be unhappy that it is a buyer’s market. A buyer’s market does not mean that your home won’t sell. It just means that a) your home may not sell for what you are expecting for it.b) Be on the market for longer whilst buyers are on the sidelines. Therefore, if you are planning on selling your home in a buyer’s market, abandon all sentiments and set realistic expectations by looking at recent sales of comparable properties, and their days on the Calgary market


If you are not happy with the statistics regarding recent sales of comparable properties, you might want to wait until the market turns in your favour. As a seller in a buyer’s market, you need to be very motivated from the beginning, otherwise your property may end up going stale on the market. Only put your home up for sale in a buyer’s market if you are a very serious seller.

As a buyer, you will get to pick from many options in a buyer’s market. However, this does not mean you should skip your research. Evaluate all your options – in fact, during a buyer’s market, prized locations which were earlier not available within your budget may open up. You could choose to seize the opportunity and enter the best areas while you have the chance.

Our advice is that you should move forward in a buyer’s market only after having a team talk with us, we can provide real time data that will help you find the best deals in today’s market, days on market, previous sold price, area average days on market, previous list periads, comparable solds only.

Food for thought

If you just need to talk we are here, email or text/call direct 403.850.0669

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Once again the Bank of Canada lowered its key interest rate by 50 basis points – to 0.25%. This is the rate the bank charges for short-term loans between retail banks, but it may impact the rates that Canadian consumers get for savings accounts, variable rate loans, and lines of credit.

The Bank of Canada cited its decision to lower rates is aimed at cushioning the economic shocks from COVID-19 and a sharp drop in oil prices by easing the cost of borrowing.

If you have any questions on how this may impact you, feel free to contact me.
Cathy McMurrich

* If you have any questions about the current market contact me 403.850.0669

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While we are stuck with the Covid –19 Virus – Let’s get stuck into Spring Cleaning!

Spring cleaning is no easy task, especially in Calgary where the outside jobs are in between the snow falls! Spring cleaning consists of cleaning the entire house – which isn’t easy (depending on your house size). The best way is to find the most manageable approach for you, and here are a couple of suggestions:

The Both Feet Approach - Block time to get the entire project done, yes done ! whether that may be an entire weekend or an entire week. The both feet approach means – in with both feet and done and dusted as quick as possible. My favorite approach, because even though it is a pain and even intense at the time, you will not have the project hanging over your head for long. Job done!

In the words of the Lena Martell song – Do it “One day at a Time”.  Why not spend one Saturday cleaning up the outside of the house, another Saturday working on sorting things out ready for Kijiji and yet another Saturday sprinkling pixie dust over it!. This might be the better approach for someone who is unable to block out a chunk of time to dedicate to cleaning.

Either of these will work, as long as you commit to completing the job. Don’t choose the Both Feet Approach if you think it will be too much for you and run out of time. Make sure that if you choose to break things up, you schedule your time for each project and stick to it. Remember the project is lost if it runs on for six months, and is never finished.

Once you’ve chosen your time frame commit to it with a clear plan of action. Have fun, order in pizza, ramp up some music and make the most of your spring cleaning.

Easter is approaching, after you finish why not treat yourself to a big chocolate Easter egg!

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Canada’s national housing market continued to climb in February, according to all measures as reported by the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) reported on Monday.

Sales jumped almost 27% compared to February 2019, and rose about 6% from January 2020. Sales were at a 10-year low last February, however, so while the transactions are higher, they are still below their peak in 2016 and 2017.

“With transactions up in about 60% of all local markets in February, the big national increase was largely the result of a 15% jump in activity in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA),” CREA says. “Many other Central and Southern Ontario markets also posted sizable sales gains between January and February.”

Home prices also shot up, with benchmark prices across the 19 markets CREA tracks up 4.55% year-over-year to $648,600. Benchmark prices more closely reflect the “typical” high price as they exclude homes on either end of the curve. Average prices are considered a less accurate measure and they show that the national average sale price skyrocketed, up 15.2% to $540,000.

The hot market is likely just a continuation of the recovery that has been happening over the last two years or so, after the Ontario Fair Housing Plan was announced in April 2017 and after banks tightened mortgage lending criteria in January 2018. Buyers appear to have fully regained their confidence in the markets and demand is high. At the same time, inventory is extremely low in most major cities outside of the Prairies.

“Home prices are accelerating in markets where listings are in increasingly short supply, specifically in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes, which together account for about two-thirds of national sales activity,” said Jason Stephen, president of CREA. “Meanwhile, ample supply across the Prairies and in Newfoundland and Labrador means increased competition among sellers.”

Even though there was a small push of new listings, 7.3% more in February compared to January, there are only 4.1 months of inventory left across the country, which is the lowest level since the summer of 2007. In other words, if sales continued at their current pace, all listings would be gone in four months.

The COVID-19 Factor

Whether or not property prices will continue to rise throughout 2020 is the big question now that the COVID-19 pandemic is wreaking havoc on economies around the world, as well as consumer confidence. Interest rates have been repeatedly slashed to stimulate the economy, but sellers may wait to list until the pandemic has passed.

Will the housing market surge and people flock to real estate as a safe haven in times of market turmoil? Or will sellers and buyers just hold tight and stay at home until the worst of this has passed? These are questions that are up in the air right now.

“The world has changed in March. And so has the outlook for Canada’s housing market. Unprecedented measures to slow down the spread of the coronavirus—including social distancing—have the potential to bring house hunting activity to a virtual halt this spring,” wrote Robert Hogue, senior economist with RBC Economics. “Even if not directed to sit things out by health authorities, buyers will have plenty of excuses to take a wait–and–see approach.”



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Ok, so we are about to list your home and you think you have it right. We have given you our advice and some complimentary staging options, then you start to second guess what the potential buyers will like or dislike!. But this is where you have to relax because part of our service is to take away anxiety, and selling your home should not be stressful.

So usually they are ok with the price range or they would not see the value in your home and their realtor would not be showing it to them. Remember first impressions, the home has to have good curb appeal, grass cut and weed wacked, front door and entrance washed down and sparkling clean.

If they have a negative at the front door such as lack of TLC it will follow them through the home and everything they look at !. Blinds up for showings, remember it’s show time! Light and space is what most buyers like and you already de-cluttered didn’t you?

Tick the Boxes: They begin the walkthrough and hopefully start to tick the boxes. Flooring, appliances, open concept. The floors look good and the job you did on cleaning the house is paying off. Nobody likes someone else’s dirt.

Projects: Most people don’t mind one maybe two projects especially if they are cosmetic, but don’t have the “they can fix it attitude” because you are setting yourself up for a low offer.

Organized: Features that help keep them organized are important to many homebuyers. Having a laundry room where they can keep laundry out of sight in a separate room is good. In a recent survey 90% of those surveyed said it was a huge plus. An astounding 57% said they would be unlikely to buy a home without it.

Entertaining: They will picture their family and friends visiting, have they got the space, is there some outdoor living.

Efficiency: A top priority for many buyers is the energy efficiency of the home, insulation, how are the windows, have the furnaces been maintained, and is the home energy-star rated.

Location: Will the home work for them as the kids grow up, school location as well as the homes location can be a big plus or minus.

Road access: How hard or easy will it be to get to work, and what is the travel time at both busy times of the day.

Ninety percent of buyers are looking for a linen closet in their bathrooms to help keep towels and toiletries organized. Garage space for storage of bikes, lawn care and sports equipment is high on their wish list. A walk-in pantry in the kitchen is considered desirable by 85% of respondents.

When buying or selling a home there are many features to consider as being " Top of Mind" of homebuyers. Remember we are here to help!  Text or Call : 403-850-0669.

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The new benchmark rate — the minimum rate a customer has to pay to qualify for insured mortgages — will be set at the weekly median five-year fixed insured mortgage rate from insurance applications, plus two per cent, according to a release from the Department of Finance Canada. The new rate will come into effect April 6, the Department of Finance said.

“The government will continue to monitor the housing market and make changes as appropriate. Reviewing the stress test ensures it is responsive to market conditions,” Morneau said in the release.

The change follows a review by the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) conducted in January. The review concluded the minimum qualifying rate should better reflect changes in the housing market.

In a mandate letter addressed to Morneau in December, following the Liberals’ second-term election victory, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tasked the finance department with considering recommendations from financial agencies in order to make the borrower stress test “more dynamic.”

In 2016, the Department of Finance said that insured mortgages must qualify for mortgage insurance at an interest rate which is either the greater of their contract mortgage rate or the Bank of Canada's conventional five-year fixed posted rate. However, in its review of the housing market, OSFI stated that the Bank of Canada’s five-year rates are no longer moving in line with actual contract rates from banks.

“The gap has widened to exceed two per cent on a sustained basis, suggesting a less responsive floor than originally intended,” OSFI said in a release on Tuesday.

For now, the change applies only to insured mortgages. OSFI announced Tuesday is it considering the change in determining what the benchmark rate should be for uninsured mortgages. The regulator said it is seeking input from stakeholders on this proposal before March 17.

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